What We Do

As a new vegan publishing company, we get a lot of questions about what we do exactly and how our business works. Below we provide a general overview of our company and our guiding business model.

We are a small vegan publishing company. Just like other publishers, we work with authors and illustrators to put out books for sale. We are not involved in self-publishing- that is an entirely different animal that we frankly know little about.

Though we operate like other publishers in many ways, we also differ in some important ways. First, all of our books have themes related to veganism and kindness towards animals. Since our stated mission is to raise vegan awareness, we only produce and promote books consistent with this theme.

Second, we are a vegan-owned and operated business. Everyone that we employ, from the copy editors to the web designers to our outreach team, are vegan and are fully aligned with our mission. We also have an amazing team of vegan volunteers who have donated their time and effort to help us get the vegan message out there.

Third, we are interested in using crowd-funding strategies at times to partner with authors/illustrators. These increasingly popular financing mechanisms allow consumers to pre-purchase a book before it is completed, and also serves the purpose of covering the costs of book production. This strategy helps Vegan Publishers by lowering our financial risk, and benefits the author or illustrator by allowing for higher royalties and enhanced book distribution.

Finally, with regard to distribution, our goal is to directly market to consumers as much as possible via social media channels, our own website, blog, and email lists, vegfests and book fairs, and through partnering with animal sanctuaries, vegan friendly restaurants and cafes, and vegan friendly bookstores. We are trying to build our own vegan distribution network of consumers while also using more traditional distribution methods.

It follows from our business model that the success of Vegan Publishers depends on the vegan community and our readers to help us get our books out there. To remain competitive in an environment that is so difficult for small publishers, we need you to help us distribute our books by telling others about them, sharing our social media posts, etc. We have been blown away with the amazing support we have received thus far, and are so excited about the things to come!