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Becoming Radiant: A True Story

by Ashley Chong

Instead of following advice from doctors, who were telling her to restrict calories, eat meat, and to take a popular weight-loss drug called phentermine, Ashley Chong did the exact opposite. She went 100% raw vegan overnight and it changed her life. She ended up losing about 125lbs in little less than a year. Read more to find out more about Ashley’s amazing vegan transformation.

Ellen Jaffe Jones

by VeganPublishers

Vegan Publishers is pleased to welcome Ellen Jaffe Jones as our second blog contributor. Ellen is a certified personal trainer, highly accomplished runner and certified running coach, former TV investigator/consumer reporter, and author of “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day.” Her new book, “The Kitchen Divided-Vegan Recipes for the Semi-Vegan Household,” is due out this summer. Read more…