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Animal Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: One Piece of the Puzzle

by Saryta Rodriguez

What follows is a sneak peek at Saryta Rodriguez’s next book project— a compilation of essays, from various contributors, exploring the many facets of the struggle for food sovereignty through a vegan praxis. This excerpt comes from the first essay: “Animal Agriculture,” by Saryta Rodriguez. Enjoy! It may be surprising to some readers that a […]



by Saryta Rodriguez

This is Hayden. Hayden was tortured for many years in a science lab, where tests were run on his skin. Even before the testing began, Hayden was enslaved from birth by having been bred to be hairless, so as to facilitate testing. This is just one of many examples of how domestication and breeding violate […]


Domestication and Breeding

by Christopher Sebastian

Please enjoy the following excerpt from Saryta Rodriguez’s debut book, Until Every Animal is Free, which was released by Vegan Publishers on October 1st, 2015. This excerpt comes from Chapter Seven: Liberation as Autonomy.