Vegan Publishers is excited to feature a guest blog from vegan author Kathy Divine, who has recently put out her new book: Plant-powered Men. Plant-powered Men is a collection of writings by 38 vegan men from around the world. The purpose of the book is to illustrate how healthy, strong and all-round awesome, vegan men are.

PPM front cover

I was super excited to read about the launch of Vegan Publishers. It’s great to see a publishing company specialising in vegan books. I have no doubt they will be very very successful.

Naturally, I felt super excited (again!) when Christen and Casey asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest blog post about my latest book, Plant-powered Men.

Plant-powered Men: Why I Compiled a Book Especially for Men

Men are often put under a lot of pressure to act macho and tough in our society. Those that are curious about adopting a vegan lifestyle sometimes hesitate because they fear they will be perceived as weak. Some also worry that they will lose physical strength. Plant-powered Men is written by men for men to inspire and evoke confidence in those men curious about adopting the vegan lifestyle. The vegan men who wrote for the book, are all shining examples of strength, health and confidence. I deliberately included men from a variety of age groups and occupations so that readers would, without a doubt, be able to connect with at least one of the writers (if not many more). For example, there is a chapter on athletes and bodybuilders, and also a chapter on scientists and another on teachers.

The following are a few of my favourite quotes from the book:

“Guys – impotence, bad breath, bad skin, heart disease, arthritis, flatulence, obesity and animal torture are not sexy or macho…Real men are healthy, strong, youthful and compassionate and they make up their own minds.” Dan Schulz, marketing consultant to the wellness industry, page 24.

“Is the vegan diet good for health in your opinion?

Definitely! I’m someone who really weighs logic and fact when making a decision. I wouldn’t be vegan if it weren’t shown to be a perfectly healthy diet with scientific research and organisations supporting that fact.” Ryan McKeough, physiotherapist, page 28-29.

“What are the benefits of being vegan for you?

First, athletic performance. I’ve always played sports, and engaged in vigorous workouts. I played basketball and baseball in high school. Now my exercise regimen is one which would challenge a great number, I’m betting, of twenty-somethings.  Yet I’m 45. So with the demanding exercise sessions I do daily, I’ve got to be aware of what I’m putting into my body, and its overall effect on my performance. An example? Well, just this morning, my workout was about 800 push-ups and crunches, along with an eight-mile run in home-made sandals. And I do that at least five days per week. Could I maintain that level of performance, eating burgers and fries? I doubt it.

Another benefit? Internal cleanliness. The vegan diet, rich in natural fiber, vitamins, and minerals, keeps the digestive tract cleansed, and is awash with exactly that which the body truly needs, in terms of nutrients. And the digestive system, this is where all disease begins. I’m in agreement with Professor Ehret (author of The Mucusless Diet Healing System), on that point. To be at your best, every cell in your body must be cleansed and free of obstructions. This cannot happen if you’re consuming a high amount of fats, animal protein and dairy “foods”, which only serve to clog the internal system beginning with the digestive tract, with indigestible, toxic material. That stuff builds up over time. Avoid it, and you’ll be in great shape, throughout life, I’ve found. And you’ll be fit for demanding workouts where others are not.” Jeff Sekerak, author, fitness coach, pg 34-35.

Men who make the switch to a vegan diet often report feeling less aggressive and more peaceful. The world’s political and business leaders are mostly men, at the moment. Calmer, happier, healthier leaders create a more peaceful, happier world for all, both humans and animals alike. This is the initial reason and motivation for compiling Plant-powered Men. Peaceful people create a peaceful planet.

Join the plant-powered revolution – for peace, for the earth, for the animals…and us.


Plant-powered Men is available from all major online bookstores including and selected retail stores. It’s also available on Kindle.

Kathy Divine is the author of Forever 21, Vegans Are Cool and Plant-powered Men. She blogs at and founded the Vegan of the Year Awards. Kathy is an Australian vegan. She is looking forward to travelling to the US soon for a book tour.