Today we are pleased to offer a sample letter from “Dear World, See What I See,” a book by Shanti Urreta that prompts readers to consider the world through her eyes as a vegan and narrates the journey of how she gained a compassionate perspective.

DSC_0039I am so excited to be setting up with Vegan Publishers at the NYC Vegfest on March 1-2. I will have my recently published book, “Dear World, See What I See.” Check out the reviews on Amazon, then come and visit our table and get your own signed copy.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the letters: “You Are What You Eat.”

Dear World,

You are what you eat.

You eat terror. You eat fear. You eat the energy that is in that animal.

There are no happy cows when they are taken to be slaughtered.

There are no painless, “Gee, I did not realize I am being killed” slaughterhouses.

At the end of a tortured, depressed, hopeless life, the animals’ lives are ended in fear and in terror.

It is the energy of fear and terror that is coursing through their bodies.

Then we eat their bodies.

You are what we eat.

The common saying, “You are what you eat makes sense.”  Doctors will tell you that you are what you eat. They refer to it from the health point of view. If you eat a lot of fat, chances are your blood will become thick and it won’t pump through your body very easily. Heart disease will follow. They will put you on medicine. It is easy to see how you are what you eat. But there also is the emotional side to what you eat.

How much of the violence that each person has in their emotional state can we link back to what we eat? How much hopelessness is in the animals’ cells? How much sadness and desperation did the animals live with and you eat? I think each person will have to answer that for themselves.

Some might say, “I am eating the spirit of that animal!” It is a good thing!

I say, “When you are hurting, when you are frustrated, when you are in pain, doesn’t your spirit hurt?” The animals’ spirits are hurting.  Why would you want to eat the spirits of animals that are hurting?

Can we continue to live our lives knowing that we are not only hurting another being but that we are hurting ourselves, our physical and emotional selves… for the sake of our taste buds?

You are what you eat.

Deep regards,



After 20 years working as an elementary school teacher, Shanti Urreta retired to follow her passion of promoting world peace, animal protection, and the virtues and health benefits of a plant-based diet.  A staunch vegan and compassionate activist, she is now using her considerable teaching skills as an author and public speaker.  She is active in Toastmasters, a public speaking organization, and is the Children’s Center Director for the North American Vegetarian Society’s Annual Vegetarian Summerfest.

Shanti currently lives with her husband in Mahopac, New York, where you can find her involved in some project or another for veganism, honing her speaking skills, and offering delicious plant-based meals to her friends.

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