Vegan Publishers was launched as an LLC in 2013 in order to raise awareness of the vital importance of veganism in creating a more compassionate and just society. The company’s founders, Ms. Christen Mailler and Dr. Casey Taft, had been recently married and were expecting the first of their two daughters, and they started the small publishing company because they were struck by how limited the literature was on veganism. Vegan Publishers came into being in order to elevate the voices of vegan advocates and the animals themselves.

Vegan Publishers has been highly successful in fulfilling its mission, publishing, selling, and donating numerous books, with many of their authors becoming prominent voices in the animal movement. The imprint has over 340,000 social media followers and has participated in various activities to raise awareness, serving an important function within the advocacy community. The philosophy of Vegan Publishers is reflected in Dr. Taft’s approach to his work as a clinical researcher: determine what is missing in the literature and fill those gaps. This has meant that they sometimes produce books that are not necessarily very profitable, but serve an important educational function. While other publishers have focused exclusively on cookbook production, for example, Vegan Publishers has addressed the large void in vegan children’s literature, animal advocacy, philosophy, and ethics – and in doing so, illuminating the many ways in which we are culturally indoctrinated to do harm to nonhuman animals. The imprint has been operating under a “non-profit” ethos from the start as service, rather than profit, has always been their goal.

The landscape for small publishers has become ever more challenging due to the rise of self-publishing and the increasing costs of materials, with many retailers and distributors being forced to close their doors. As of January 2020, Vegan Publishers is now operating as a nonprofit in order to continue producing important book titles while expanding their reach into other areas of vegan advocacy.

One planned area of emphasis will be funding research grants that assist animal advocacy efforts. Research in this realm has been dominated by non-rigorous designs and unqualified experts funding and conducting the work. Dr. Taft’s background as an internationally recognized anti-violence researcher with an extensive history of grant funding and published work should prove important in identifying and partnering with other researchers who can move the field forward. Vegan Publishers also aspires to offer modest grants to vegan authors who are endeavoring to share the vegan message through their work, as published by the organization.

Please refer to the Submissions section of this site to learn more about opportunities for submitting book or grant ideas to Vegan Publishers.

Christen Mailler

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Christen is an artist with a BFA from the Tufts School of The Museum of Fine Arts. Having run after-school programs in the Boston area for many years, she has developed a keen interest and ability to connect with children and help them realize their artistic potential. Her passion for the arts and working with children led her to found the non-profit organization Boston Arts After School, that provides art materials, project ideas, donors and volunteers to programs in need.

Casey Taft

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In addition to his work managing Vegan Publishers, Casey is Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine. He is an internationally recognized researcher in the areas of trauma and the family, winning prestigious awards for his work from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has published over 100 journal articles, book chapters, and scientific reports, and has consulted with the United Nations on preventing violence and abuse globally. He sees the prevention of violence towards animals as a natural extension of this work.

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

Staff Writer

Longtime vegan and social justice advocate Christopher-Sebastian McJetters lives in New York City with his rescue dog Orion. A copyeditor by profession, Sebastian is currently a staff writer at Vegan Publishers. In his spare time, he organizes events and discussions relative to exploring the intersectionality of veganism and other movements for social justice including women, the LGBT community, and people of color. He also bakes vegan cookies that are guaranteed to end wars, lower taxes, save marriages, and raise consciousness.

Saryta Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Saryta is an editor, social justice advocate, and author of the book Until Every Animal is Free. After working at both David Black Literary Agency and Penguin Group, Saryta headed west and founded her own editing and consulting firm, Brave New Publishing. She enjoys hiking, good music, warm weather, and performing musicals in the shower.

Christina E. Lee

Legal Consultant/Staff Writer

Christina believes it is her mission to be an advocate for the voiceless. She holds a Juris Doctorate from University of San Diego School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of California San Diego. After law school, Christina worked in several human rights positions with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and Nicosia, Cyprus. As a Legal Advisor and Policy Analyst, she helped governments to be in compliance with international law and protected refugees and asylum-seekers from unlawful return. Christina now focuses on animal rights and the law, emphasizing the need to change the status of animals from property to personhood or sentient being status. She actively works as a Consultant and Fellow for several animal rights organizations, and aspires to write novels that bring about compassion and revolutionary change.

Lorelei Plotczyk

Media Director

Lorelei, a freelance content producer, is a Massachusetts native who has lived in Southern California for over a decade. She holds a BA in Media Studies from Emerson College and an MBA in Environmental Management. She has toured the US and UK in the band Film School, was named one of San Diego’s top bassists by NBC, and has worked as a TV segment producer for network programming. A committed vegan, she and her beer-brewing vegan foodie scientist boyfriend have a rescue Great Dane named Spock and a 6-pound cat named Higgins.

Jonathan Byrd

Digital Media Coordinator

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and has spent his entire career working in the publishing industry. He became a vegetarian in 2004 and a vegan in 2009. Most of the time he can be found cooking vegan meals for his family, reading books, playing guitar, or working on a new project. He currently lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife and son.

Breanna Locke

Project Editor

Breanna is enthusiastic about combining her passion for veganism with her passion for books. An Emerson College graduate, she holds a BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing with a minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She’s currently an Assistant Editor at an independent publishing house in Boulder, Colorado and can be found enjoying the mountains with her three-legged puppy.

Nicole Dethmers

Editorial Consultant

Nicole Dethmers is a writer and editor specializing in literature for children and young adults. She holds a BA in English and an MFA in Children’s Literature. She lives in Michigan with her husband and three cats.

Lori Starling

Outreach Coordinator

Lori holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as other associate degrees in Business Administration, Science, and Computer Information Systems. She is a mother and wife, who has become a professional multi-tasker. She writes for various online publications, as well as manages the blog for Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary. She writes daily at The Elephant Mum, (, where she writes about living local and compassionate living for people, animals, and the planet. When she isn’t writing, she can be found outside with her toddler, hiking with the family dogs by her side and her toddler on her back, out in the garden, and then cuddling with King Louie, the family cat, while she crochets.

Shelby Price

Design Coordinator

Shelby is a freelance graphic designer from Florida. Working with activist groups from around the country, she helps with designing logos and campaigns to inform others about animal rights and veganism. Driven to educate, she takes every opportunity to enlighten others on factory farming cruelty, animal exploitation for the purpose of entertainment and animals used for laboratory experimentation. A true animal lover, she spends time volunteering at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary and fighting for animal rights. She has forged a career in fashion, while working towards her ultimate goal of opening a farm sanctuary.

Gabrielle Burns

Social Media Coordinator

Gabby is a new passionate vegan from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently working on a degree in nursing at Australian Catholic University. Caring for others is her passion and that is what led her to veganism.

Valerie McGowan

Social Media Coordinator

Valerie McGowan is a Black female Christian vegan who writes at her blog of the same name. She is a Social Media Community Manager and co-creator of Woke Parents, a Facebook group committed to exposing children (especially those of color) to accurate facts of world history and current events. Favorite pastimes include reading everything, facilitating a social justice book club, and veganizing the soul food dishes she grew up on. She and her husband Marc are homeschooling parents who live with their son Julian, Farley the cat, and mischievous bunny, Chocolate Chip Brownie (Brownie for short) surrounded by the ancient redwoods of Northern California.

Abigail Nickell

Board Member

Abigail Nickell is a seasoned nonprofit executive with more than 15 years of experience in the social sector. She currently leads the Community Music School, her fourth executive director position to date. Abigail has also spoken and consulted on a wide variety of nonprofit topics. She received her B.A. from Smith College and her M.B.A. from Chaminade University’s Nonprofit Management program. As a member of the founding board of Vegan Publishers, Abigail is thrilled to apply her knowledge and experience to the vegan community at large. Abigail resides in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, and tiny pup.

Mary Martin

Board Member

Mary blogged daily as Animal Person from 2006-2010, where she deconstructed the language, ethics, and economics of our relationship with nonhuman animals and created “Thinking Critically About the Animals we Use,” a pamphlet translated into four other languages. Blogging taught her important life lessons about trolling, comments sections, cancel culture (before it was a thing), and the perils of changing your position publicly. She has ghostwritten or edited two dozen nonfiction books, she is an operations consultant, a teacher of mindfulness-based stress reduction, a certified Mindful Schools instructor, and has a doctorate in applied linguistics from New York University. She has 15+ years of nonprofit board and management experience. She lives in South Florida with her family, which includes a “retired” racing greyhound, two indifferent cats, and a daughter who has been vegan for all of her nearly ten years.

Magnolia Martínez-Peña

Board Member

Magnolia has been a vegan activist since 2005 and has collaborated with several animal advocacy organizations both in Mexico and the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in environmental science and is a member of the PETA team working to end experimentation on animals. Magnolia was born in Colombia and lived in Mexico prior to settling in her current home in Texas, which she shares with four dogs, three cats, and her husband.