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Talking to a Hunter? Four Things You Need to Read Right Now!

by Christopher Sebastian

In an effort to stabilize the growing number of black bears in Florida, the state’s Wildlife Conservation Commission is allowing hunters to kill a total of 320 of them. If you happen to be a person who cares about animals, this is obviously bad news. And eventually you might find yourself in an unpleasant debate with someone who vehemently defends this type of violence. So here’s a handy list of hunting discussion points.


A Rude Awakening

by Shanti Urreta

The following excerpt is from Shanti Urreta’s book, Dear World, See What I See: My Vegan Path. The book is a series of letters written from the author to the world, through which she shares the lessons she learned on her path to veganism.

GMOs, Veganism and the Media

by Saryta Rodriguez

There is a direct correlation between the way in which the media portrays pro- vs. anti-GMO advocates and how it portrays vegans vs. non-vegans. However, whether you are a vegan or not, you will want to read this informative article about how GMO’s effect you, your food and the world at large.


Pseudoscience in the Animal Rights Movement

by Casey Taft

We need to be mindful of biased research used to promote specific approaches within the animal rights community. This article discusses such recent work that the author describes as “pseudoscience” and potentially dangerous.


Domestication and Breeding

by Christopher Sebastian

Please enjoy the following excerpt from Saryta Rodriguez’s debut book, Until Every Animal is Free, which was released by Vegan Publishers on October 1st, 2015. This excerpt comes from Chapter Seven: Liberation as Autonomy.


Becoming Radiant: A True Story

by Ashley Chong

Instead of following advice from doctors, who were telling her to restrict calories, eat meat, and to take a popular weight-loss drug called phentermine, Ashley Chong did the exact opposite. She went 100% raw vegan overnight and it changed her life. She ended up losing about 125lbs in little less than a year. Read more to find out more about Ashley’s amazing vegan transformation.