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Food Yoga

by Paul Rodney Turner

Today we bring you a blog post from Paul Rodney Turner, the International Director of Food for Life and the Founder of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief. At the age of 19, Paul left home to live a reclusive life in Sydney’s Blue Mountains as a Vaisnava monk with other spiritual seekers and took a vow of celibacy for 14 years! His unique life experience has inspired his writing and given him an interesting perspective on the relationship between food, love, spirituality and life.


Plant-powered Women

by Kathy Divine

Today we are pleased to feature an interview with Australian vegan author Kathy Divine. Learn about her new book “Plant-powered Women” and how you can be a part of her campaign to bring free vegan books to countries around the world and assist in spreading the vegan message globally.


Drone on the Farm

by Will Potter

Factory farms are doing everything they can to stop consumers from seeing the reality of how most food is produced but what if there was a way we could somehow expose the secretive industry, dodge the “ag-gag” laws that make it illegal to photograph the farms and show the public what it takes to get their meat to their plates? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way we could use drones to investigate factory farms and shed light on the cruel industry? Well there is a way and you can help because top journalist and animal rights activist Will Potter has started a Kickstarter campaign to do it!