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The Gay Animal: A Personal Exploration of Interconnections

by Jasmin Singer

Today we are proud to feature an excerpt from Jasmin Singer’s powerful essay from Circles of Compassion, “The Gay Animal: A Personal Exploration of Interconnections.” Jasmin bravely discusses how her own trauma helped her better understand the trauma that animals experience on a daily basis.


Compassionate Shopping on The Cheap

by Nicole Hoffman

Nicole Hoffman of Too Chic for Meat, returning guest blogger, tells us where we can find sweet vegan fashion items in common department stores that are budget (and animal) friendly!


The Dish on Grains

by Mary Clifton Wendt

Dr. Mary Clifton Wendt, author of the best-selling book, Waist Away, co-author of the book Get Waisted: 100 Addictively Delicious Plant-Based Entrees, and co-founder of the healthy weight loss program Get Waisted talks to us about the benefits of whole grains and why they are such an important part of a healthy diet.


Rethink Food- 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong

by Shushana Castle

Are you interested in how you can reverse and prevent diseases through food choices? Amy-Lee Goodman and Shushana Castle’s talk about their newly released book “Rethink Food- 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong” which illustrates how, despite genetics, a diet based on whole, plant-based foods is most directly linked to excellent health, wellness, fitness, and longevity.