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A Vegan Child’s Journey

by Genelle Palacio

A mother tells the story of how her daughter lead her to veganism. Learn about A Vegan Child’s Journey and how one brave little girl has been sticking up for animals since she was just three years old.


Too Chic for Meat- An Intro to Cruelty-Free Fashion

by Nicole Hoffman

Being vegan is so much more than what you do and don’t eat. Today’s blog features Nicole Hoffman of Too Chic for Meat. Nicole talks about what clothing to avoid and mentions some Vegan stores you might want to check out when purchasing your holiday gifts and outfits this season!


Carlos Patiño, Dave Loves Chickens

by VeganPublishers

Today we are especially excited to feature an interview with Carlos Patiño, the author and illustrator of Vegan Publishers’ first children’s book, “Dave Loves Chickens.” Patiño talks about his punk/skater background, how he became a vegan and what motivates and inspires him.