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Recent Vegan Books

Veducated: An Educator’s Guide for Vegan-Inclusive Teaching, by Laura Chepner

Veducated is a guidebook for education professionals who wish to learn more about veganism, how to engage with children and parents who are vegan, and how to incorporate lessons and policies to be as inclusive as possible. This honest, informative, and practical guide contains useful facts, hints, tips, and ready-to-use lesson plans all with the vegan child’s viewpoint in mind.

Simple Vegan Comfort Food

Patti Dann is the founder and owner of Cafe Indigo a bakery renowned for its delectable vegan cake. She has applied her culinary expertise to create this wonderful cookbook. Filled with recipes from her cafe along with new favorites, she has taken care to provide you with the best of what we know as vegan comfort food.

Happy Animals, Friends Not Food

This cheerful and beautifully illustrated children’s book provides an entertaining introduction to the meaning and compassion behind the choice to live a vegan lifestyle. Kids will meet six named characters from the animal kingdom and learn fun facts about each so they can see them as the lovable, sentient creatures they are. They will then learn about the connection between these living beings and their food in a positive and age appropriate way.

Recent Posts

The Future of Vegan Publishers

The recent news from Baker & Taylor is potentially devastating for small publishers like Vegan Publishers, but we plan on continuing on this small publishing journey of ours, in spite of the obstacles.