Meet Noel Polanco, also known as “Noel Vegan Fitness Model.” He is a vegan athlete from Uptown Manhattan. With his youtube workout videos he keeps proving people wrong about the “protein myth” on a vegan diet. Find out below how Noel stays strong and lean on a vegan diet. Also watch his latest workout video where he performs stunts and tricks in NYC parks.


Why I Became Vegan

Noel Polanco

I was raised in a society where obesity keeps growing, diabetes keeps growing, and kids are being fed junk food from a young age. I went through that but I am happy and glad to have been awakened. Now my eyes are open and I can see things clearly. Like a quote I once heard about the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.): “The one thing an animal diet does best is kill people.”

I look at my family and see almost all of them are over-weight or being affected by diseases. This only proves to me that the vegan diet is the way we are designed to eat. If meat is so healthy, why do they keep getting sick? Why do they work out and can’t lose weight? We must first take care of our body from the inside. We need to feed it the right way so it can perform the correct way. But then again, the meat eaters say: “We are all going to die anyway so might as well enjoy food.” They forget that before we die, we suffer. Of course we suffer from either cancer, obesity, cholesterol or diabetes. We don’t just die, NO WAY! There is a great deal of suffering on the way to dying. And that suffering is caused by a meat-based diet. The best way to end all the suffering of our beautiful animals and planet is to adopt a plant-based diet.

Sample Meal Plan/How I eat in a day:

Breakfast: Yerba Mate tea, With Ezekiel Bread and toast and peanut butter.

Lunch: Plantains and avocado with water.

Dinner: Brown Rice, Cayenne Pepper, Black beans And tofu.

Snacks Can Be: Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Green Tea.


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