Understanding Your Vegan Family MemberFinally, a resource for the family members of vegans! From enhancing understanding to conflict resolution, Taft offers a myriad of starting points for improved communication between non-vegans and their vegan family members. A must-have book for anyone seeking to improve their compassionate communication skills.”

—Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, bestselling author and creator of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

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Do you ever wish that your family members better understood your vegan lifestyle? Do you sometimes have difficulty discussing veganism with them? Or are you thinking of going vegan and don’t know how to raise the issue with your family?

Mom, Dad, I’m Vegan: A Guide for Understanding Your Vegan Family Member addresses these common problems, and it’s written specifically for your non-vegan family member!

Authored by Dr. Casey Taft, Vegan Publishers’ resident clinical psychologist and internationally recognized researcher, this helpful guide will enhance communication between you and your non-vegan family member. Links for both English and Spanish versions will be emailed to you.

Topics Discussed

  • Defining veganism
  • Societal trends regarding veganism
  • Reasons for being vegan
  • Common misconceptions about veganism
  • Considerations for veganism across the lifespan
  • Communication with your vegan family member