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This book consists of a series of essays by internationally recognized authors and activists, Edited by Dr. Will Tuttle. The essays focus on how the seemingly disparate issues of human, animal, and environmental rights are indeed connected. Authors also provide practical guidance about how to make the individual, systems, and social changes necessary to effectively create a peaceful and just world for all.

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1940184061
  • ISBN-13: 978-1940184067

Edited by Dr. Will Tuttle

Foreword by Carol J. Adams


David CantorBeyond Humanism, Toward a New Animalism

Angel Flinn – No Innocent Bystanders

Katrina FoxWhy Compassion is Essential to Social Justice

Beatrice FriedlanderA Woman, A Cat, and a Realization

Lori GirshickIn the Doing and the Being

Rachel GriffinSocial Responsibility, Reflexivity, and Chasing Rainbows

Robert GrilloEating Animals and the Illusion of Personal Choice

Melanie JoyCarnism: Why Eating Animals is a Social Justice Issue

Lisa KemmererSustenance, Sincerity, and Social Justice

Rita LawsMother Corn, Father Pumpkin, Sister Bean

Keith McHenryUntil Every Belly is Full

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters – Slavery. It’s Still a Thing

Dawn MoncriefHunger, Meat, and the Banality of Evil

David Nibert – Animal Rights Equal Human Rights: Domesecration and Entangled Oppression

Anthony J. Nocella IIBuilding an Animal Advocacy Movement for Racial and Disability Justice

Richard OppenlanderOur Lifeline Revealed Through the Eye of Justice

lauren OrnelasA Hunger for Justice

Colleen Patrick-GoudreauVeganism: A Path to Nonviolence

Sailesh RaoClimate Change and Injustice Everywhere

Anteneh RobaInjustice Everywhere

Marla RoseBecoming a Vegan Feminist Agitator

Ruby RothHarming Children to Protect Them

Richard SchwartzConnecting the Dots on Dietary Choices

Kim Sheridan – Looking Behind the Curtain to the Hidden Side of Justice Issues

Jasmin SingerThe Gay Animal: A Personal Exploration of Interconnectedness

Gary SmithAnimal Rights as a Social Justice Issue

Jo StepaniakConfronting the Saboteur Within: Advancing a Consciousness of Compassion

Will TuttleUnrecognized Roots of Injustice and the Vegan Transformation

Zoe WeilThe MOGO Principle for a Peaceful, Sustainable, and Humane World

Editorial Reviews

From Kathy Divine, Vegans are Cool!

Circles of Compassion is rich in innovative thought, connection and heart. The perfectly orchestrated collaboration of inspired minds makes this collection of writings essential reading for anyone wanting to develop or deepen their compassion for all beings. This book is a great gift to humanity and has the potential to unite us all. It can also bring peace and freedom to animals and healing to the earth, creating a bright, sustainable future.

I loved the inclusive tone of the book and the hope I felt while reading it. I will share this book far and wide as I regard it as a brilliant educational tool that we are very fortunate to have access to. As more and more people are now re-awakening their innate compassion, Circles of Compassion has arrived at the perfect moment in time. Thank you Vegan Publishers, the editor Will Tuttle and the contributors to Circles of Compassion for crafting such a remarkable, peace-bringing, energy-shifting publication.

From Joel and Michelle Levey, Wisdom at Work

Through a wide spectrum of diverse and thought-provoking lenses, Circles of Compassion brilliantly explores the vital link between compassion for animals, social justice, and human well-being. This comprehensive anthology is a must-read for all people seeking to keep their hearts and minds open to source the wisdom needed to thrive in these troubling times.