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Excerpts from “Why I Will ALWAYS be Vegan: Over 70 Short Essays from Around the World” Butterflies Katz

by VeganPublishers

After seeing one too many posts from “ex-vegans,” Butterflies Katz decided to host a worldwide short essay contest titled: “Why You Will Always Be Vegan.” Many hundreds of essays came pouring in from around the world. Over 50 winners received a gift that was offered by participating vegan businesses. After reading through the first 30 winners one night she realized that the essays could all be compiled into one inspirational book. Recently released as an eBook, this outstanding compilation of short essays from many regions around globe is dedicated to the preservation of what it means to be vegan.

“The Truth Behind ‘Humane’ Farming” Saryta Rodriguez and Brian Burns

by VeganPublishers

For over a decade, “Certified Humane” has been the gold standard of animal welfare around the world, supported by over 60 prominent animal advocacy organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States. Whole Foods, with its 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating, has been hailed as a hero of the animal rights movement; but an open investigation by Direct Action Everywhere has revealed that this fame and fortune was built on a foundation of lies—and is taking the entire house down with it.