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Interview with Cowspiracy’s Kip Andersen: “A Movement Already Has Begun”

by VeganPublishers

The buzzed-about documentary “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret,” which takes an unflinching look at the devastating global impacts of rearing animals for food and the many environmental organizations not addressing this issue, has been making a huge impact in the vegan community and beyond. Vegan Publishers’ own Lorelei Plotczyk interviewed director Kip Andersen via Skype about the controversy surrounding the film, what “the v-word” means to him, and why he anticipates big things for the movie – and the entire vegan movement – in 2015. Check it out!

Find Out Why Everyone is Squawking About Season Two of the “Our Hen House TV Show”

by VeganPublishers

Perhaps you’ve already heard of “Our Hen House” and the powerhouse couple behind it, Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan. In the past five years since founding the non-profit “Our Hen House”, the two have created a media hub for anyone who wants to change the world for animals. What makes Jasmin and Mariann unique is the flair, verve, and honesty they bring to their podcast (now over 255 episodes strong), their ebooks, their online magazine, and their frequent public appearances where they squawk about everything from Animal Law to writing for animal rights. Their indefatigably positive style is as contagious as their passion for the subject matter — a fact made evident from this week’s premiere of the second season of the “Our Hen House TV Show.” Read on to find out just why the vast community of animal-lovers has a collective crush on the hens behind “Our Hen House!”