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“Anorexia and Veganism: My Story” Justin Van Kleeck

by VeganPublishers

Today, Vegan Publishers’ Staff Writer Justin Van Kleeck shares his story of struggling with an eating disorder. After many hospitalizations and finally hitting a low weight of 114 pounds, Justin was near death before he began his road to recovery but his ethical choice to become vegan played an essential role in getting well again. […]

“Through the Magnifying Glass” Helen Peppe

by VeganPublishers

Helen Peppe, author of the poignant vegan-themed memoir “Pigs Can’t Swim” responds to her critics and discusses how difficult it was for her to grow up on a farm and watch her friends be eaten and taken to slaughter. As the only vegetarian and youngest daughter in a large family, Helen’s memoir describes her coming-of-age struggles in a time when being vegetarian was unheard of.

Noel Vegan Fitness Model

by VeganPublishers

Meet Noel Polanco, also known as “Noel Vegan Fitness Star.” He is a vegan athlete from Uptown Manhattan. With his youtube workout videos he keeps proving people wrong about the “protein myth” on a vegan diet. Find out below how Noel eats to stay strong and lean on a vegan diet. Also watch his latest workout video where he performs stunts and tricks in NYC parks.