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“Does This Dog Make Me Look Racist?” Christopher Sebastian McJetters

by VeganPublishers

For this week’s blog, Vegan Publishers’ staff writer Christopher-Sebastian delves into the ethical issues surrounding the breeding of dogs for particular aesthetic traits, and talks about the connection between breed and race. Whether you are a human animal or a non-human animal, “putting someone into a box based on what we believe to be true of others who share some physical features does that individual a harm.”

“Fix Your Mood with Food” Heather Lounsbury

by VeganPublishers

Do you ever have a hard time letting go? Is it a person, relationship, event or thing? Or all of the above? Have you been unable to process the grief of losing someone you love? By not expressing ourselves fully or completely ignoring emotional discomfort, we can make ourselves sick. Heather Lounsbury, author of the new book “Fix Your Mood With Food” talks about how unprocessed emotions can be detrimental to our health and how eating the right foods plays an important role in supporting the healing process.

Sarah Creighton of “Veggie Kids”

by VeganPublishers

Today we welcome Sarah Creighton, founder of and author of the new veg-friendly children’s book “Clover’s Great Escape.” Sarah offers some tips on how to raise vegan kids, including how to prepare kids with answers when questioned about their diet in the school environment.