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“The Evolution of Veganism: Is Empowered Activism the Next Stage?” Wayne Hsiung

by VeganPublishers

Today we welcome Wayne Hsiung, founding organizer of Direct Action Everywhere, and coordinator for Animal Liberationists of Color. Wayne discusses the problem with the “halo effect” created by big companies like Chipotle when they roll out vegan options, and how only a strong, confident, and inspirational vegan social movement can resist social erosion and corporate influence to create real and permanent change.

“Harming Children to Protect Them” Ruby Roth

by VeganPublishers

Today we are featuring an excerpt from Ruby Roth’s essay that can be found in the upcoming book: “Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice.” Ruby discusses how the “path to a more sustainable and socially just future lies in bravely engaging our children in new ways of thinking and living” and shows us why it’s important that kids aren’t sheltered from the realities of where food comes from.