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“Dear World, See What I See” Shanti Urreta

by VeganPublishers

Today we are pleased to offer a sample letter from “Dear World, See What I See,” a book by Shanti Urreta that prompts readers to consider the world through her eyes as a vegan and narrates the journey of how she gained a compassionate perspective.

“How to Eat a Rainbow” Free Recipe!

by VeganPublishers

How do fairies stay strong and healthy? By eating rainbows of course! You too can learn how to eat a rainbow and help other budding fairies grow beautiful, healthy wings by ordering your copy of How to Eat a Rainbow and supporting the indiegogo campaign that will get this very special book to print!

“Never Too Late to go Vegan” Carol Adams

by VeganPublishers

Read all about this must-have book for vegans over 50, written by renowned vegan authors Carol Adams, Patty Breitman and Virginia Messina. Together, their experiences over the years prompted them to write this book that addresses the specific nutritional and social issues for vegans over 50.

“How to Eat a Rainbow” Ellie and Sabrina Bedford

by VeganPublishers

Ever wonder how to eat a rainbow? Learn about a Vegan Publishers’ new author/illustrator team and their beautiful book that teaches children how to eat a variety of colors. “How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids” will only be printed if the goal for their indiegogo campaign is a success, so order your copy now and help them reach their goal!